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Every business is going digital nowadays, so a website is required by businesses to establish their credibility. But creating a website does not necessarily need to be complicated. Myavenue helps you to get your store go online with maximum possible features & tools available.

Product Cataloging

A complete end to end product management for your business products that starts with proper categorization to end product details.


Your products could be categorized into any number of categories which will be listed on your online store, making it easier for viewers to navigate as per their requirements.


We can cover in depth details of your products which includes tech specifications, product variants, multiple images, datasheets, SKU information, etc.


Offer the pricing that suits best for your products & markets, place various kinds of offers on individual products or categories, set MRP’s & Discount Pricing, etc.


A basic facility that will help you to manage each of your products that are displayed online with auto decrement on purchases, display out of stock, etc.

Cart &

Myavenue enables facility for your customers with product carting & checkout which is most important & widely used feature for any online store.


Multiple products selected from various pages of the website with other enhanced features like adding to the count, removing one that are not required, applying discounts, redeeming loyalty points and many more.


Last step to end the buying process for your potential online buyer to proceed with various important checkout details like shipping & billing information, selection of payment options, final cost related information.

Gateway &

Secured payment process enabled for your customers with receipt of payment generated as well as notifications sent.

Payment Gateway

Myavenue works with top notch payment gateway systems available within Indian Markets which can process your payments from customers with easy integration, detailed reporting as well as multiple payment methods.


In built invoice capability will ease the buying process for your customers & you with a pre-formatted invoice reaching your customers inbox, as assuring them their successful purchase.

Orders Management

WOWA! There you got an order. On successfully checkout & payment execution the order is now reflecting in your admin control panel.

Order Details

Complete information about the order with list of products, details of the buyer & payment processing information.

Order Processing

Orders are under process until the admin that’s YOU, who needs to confirm the order and move to next stage.

Invoicing & Packing Slips

Generate, Download, Print the sales orders with automatic series of invoice & packing slips numbers.

Order History

Past orders are always stored for your future references, order reports can also be generated as per customers view.

Delivery Management

Order Received, Invoice Ready, Packing Slip Done now its time for you to get going and deliver your product to your customer, WAIT WE HAVE INTEGRATED A SOLUTION FOR THAT TOO.

Update Your Order

Once you are ready to dispatch, you can update the order from the control panel itself and mark your order PACKED & READY TO DELIVER.

Shipping & Delivery Agent

We have integrated the platform with TOP NOTCH delivery aggregator who provides list of options for your customers to get their deliveries at best possible rates.

Ratings &

We have made it easier, Now as per your customers discrete they can always rate or post a review for your products.


1 to 5 Star Ratings posted by a buyer can always helps others to understand your product quickly as well as in returns many a times helps to promote your product effectively.


It has been observed that some unanswered questions about a product is always answered by the person who has used the product in real, reviews make it possible for others to get their answers.


Each sale is important for your business, ISN’T IT? Thanks giving to your customer for a single purchase is equivalently important.

Loyalty Points

1 Thanks Giving Point per Rs. 100/- of purchase by a customer wouldn’t that be interesting & retaining? You can change the values too.


Returning customers can always check their collected loyalty points on their previous purchases as well as redeem them on their next purchases as per the values of each points.

User Management

Know your customers, their buying patterns, their order history and an overall experience with your brand.

Customers Worthwhile

Two factor sign up & sign in feature will enable customers to be retained with your online store. Your customers can always check their past purchases & setup their own profile information for speeding up buying process.

Guest Buyers

Who doesn’t like a quick buying customer, may not sign up with your store but are quick buyers who are in need of your products & immediately process the payments as per their requirements.

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